COVID-19 Policy Guidelines: Clean Green Cleaning Service LLC

All staff members certify daily that they have taken their temperature and will not work with a temperature over 99 degrees.

The first thing that we do upon entering a home is to wash our hands for at least 20 seconds.

We ask that clients and their family members stay at least 6’ away from us and we of course will do the same.

We keep hydrogen peroxide in our kits to regularly clean high touch surfaces and also clean our kits.

We will no longer be taking trash away from any clients home as we will only deposit in the clients’ receptacles.

We will no longer be bringing vacuum cleaners into homes, therefore the client must provide. We will clean your vacuum with hydrogen peroxide before we use.

We understand that the transmission of this virus is primarily occurring between person-to-person contact, therefore, upon entering your home we will be wearing our masks to protect you in the event that we come in contact with you. If we are going to have the opportunity to speak with individuals in the home we will wear our masks and we ask that you wear yours if you plan on speaking with us as this will not only protect us but by doing this across the board we can create trust for all clients.

If you or anyone in your family begins to show symptoms we as that we are notified immediately and you do not provide access to your home.

The health and well being of the staff and clients is my primary concern and I believe that by initiating these policy guidelines we can begin to open the business in a safe manner.